Dang Minh Huong <kakalo...@gmail.com> writes:
> On 2017/07/05 15:28, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> (Surprised to see that generate_unaccent_rules.py is inconsistent on
>> MacOS, runs fine on Linux).

FWIW, I got identical results from running the script on current macOS
(Sierra) and Linux (RHEL6).

>> Testing with characters having two accents, the results are produced
>> as wanted. I am attaching an updated patch with all those
>> simplifications. Thoughts?

> Thanks, so pretty. The patch is fine to me.

Pushed into v11.  I'm not really qualified to review the Python coding
style, but I did fix a typo in a comment.

BTW, while this isn't a reason to delay this patch, I wonder whether
the regression test for unaccent is really adequate.  According to
it isn't doing anything to check multicharacter source strings, and
what's considerably more disturbing, it isn't exercising the PG_CATCH
code that's meant to deal with characters outside the current database's

                        regards, tom lane

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