I wrote:
> gaur/pademelon isn't booted up right now, but it might provide
> an example of a system that lacks <stdbool.h> altogether.
> (If it doesn't, I'd be willing to concede that we need not
> consider that scenario anymore.)

For the record --- pademelon (vendor cc on that box) doesn't have
<stdbool.h> at all.  gaur (user-installed gcc) has such a header,
but it contains

typedef enum
    false = 0,
    true = 1
  } bool;

which unsurprisingly results in
sizeof(bool) = 4

What's possibly more relevant to Peter's patch, this represents
a platform on which "#include <stdbool.h>" succeeds, but
(a) there is no typedef _Bool, and (b) "bool" is not a macro.
Obviously pre-C99 ...

                        regards, tom lane

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