On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 11:37 PM, Piotr Stefaniak
<postg...@piotr-stefaniak.me> wrote:
> At the very least, I think timestamptz_in() should either complain about
> being called outside of transaction or return the expected value,
> because returning year 2000 is unuseful at best. I would also like to
> become able to do what I'm doing in a less hacky way (assuming there
> isn't one already but I may be wrong), perhaps once there is a new
> 'furthest' setting for recovery_target or when recovery_target_time =
> 'now' works as I expected.

Hm. I think that the most simple solution here would be to change
GetCurrentDateTime() and GetCurrentTimeUsec() so as they use
GetCurrentTimestamp() instead of the transaction-level equivalents if
those code paths are invoked outside of a transaction. Any code using
those routines would get stupid timestamps anyway if they try to use
keywords like 'today', 'now' or 'tomorrow' so that does not sound like
a bad change to me.

And yes, that's clearly a bug. Nice discovery.

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