On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> I'm new to the list, so don't flame at the first date ;).
> I usually use PostgreSQL for multiple languages, so I needed to
> set locale per connection, or can change the locale on the fly.
> I don't know if there is any such ability integrated in or not,
> so I have wrote my 10lines function as a wrapper around
> setlocale, that is attached.  So what I do is just a simple
> "SELECT locale('LC_COLLATE', 'fa_IR');" at connection time. Let
> me know if there is any standard way already implemented.

Hmm, I'd think there'd be some potential for danger there.  I don't play
with the locale stuff, but if the collation changes and you've got indexed
text (varchar, char) fields, wouldn't the index no longer necessarily be
in the correct order?

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