I would really like to see global indexes.  It would make things a lot
easier for things like unique constraints across table inheritance trees.

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 11:12 AM, Ildar Musin <i.mu...@postgrespro.ru>

> Hi hackers,
> While we've been developing pg_pathman extension one of the most frequent
> questions we got from our users was about global index support. We cannot
> provide it within an extension. And I couldn't find any recent discussion
> about someone implementing it. So I'm thinking about giving it a shot and
> start working on a patch for postgres.
> One possible solution is to create an extended version of item pointer
> which would store relation oid along with block number and position:
> struct ItemPointerExt
> {
> Oid ip_relid;
> BlockIdData ip_blkid;
> OffsetNumber ip_posid;
> };
> and use it in global index (regular index will still use old version).
> This will require in-depth refactoring of existing index nodes to make them
> support both versions. Accordingly, we could replace ItemPointer with
> ItemPointerExt in index AM to make unified API to access both regular and
> global indexes. TIDBitmap will require refactoring as well to be able to
> deal with relation oids.

So, to be clear on-disk representations would be unchanged for old indexes
(ensuring that pg_upgrade would not be broken), right?

> It seems to be quite an invasive patch since it requires changes in
> general index routines, existing index nodes, catalog, vacuum routines and
> syntax. So I'm planning to implement it step by step. As a first prototype
> it could be:
> * refactoring of btree index to be able to store both regular and extended
> item pointers;

Do you foresee any performance implementation of handling both?


* refactoring of TIDBitmap;
> * refactoring of general index routines (index_insert, index_getnext, etc)
> and indexAM api;
> * catalog (add pg_index.indisglobal attribute and/or a specific relkind as
> discussed in [1] thread);
> * syntax for global index definition. E.g., it could be oracle-like syntax:
>         CREATE INDEX my_idx ON my_tbl (key) GLOBAL;
> If it goes well, then I’ll do the rest of indexes and vacuuming. If you
> have any ideas or concerns I’ll be glad to hear it.
> [1] https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/c8fe4f6b-ff46-aae0-89e
> 3-e936a35f0cfd%40postgrespro.ru
> Thanks!
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