I am building an rpm for Mitle SME (a scaled down redhat 7.3) and have all functions 
working except:

I need to have the rpm when installed create a database and a user with privilege to 
that database.
These are the command functions I need to execute within the rpm...

# service postgresql start 
# su postgres 
# createdb account 
# psql account < my1.sql 
# psql account < my2.sql 
# exit 

But, I need these functions to be executed when someone installs my rpm. For Mysql, I 
have the following
in the %post of my spec file:

# This section creates the database, dbuser, dbpasswd and # data after the package has 
been installed 

pw=`/bin/cat /etc/openldap/ldap.pw` 
/bin/echo exit | /usr/bin/mysql --password=$pw mydb 2>&1 &> /dev/null 
if [ "$?" = "1" ; then
/bin/echo "Creating mydb database..." 
/usr/bin/mysqladmin --password=$pw create mydb 
/bin/echo "grant all on mydb.* to [EMAIL PROTECTED] identified by 'dudepass';" | 
/usr/bin/mysql --password=$pw 
/usr/bin/mysql --password=$pw mydb < /path/to/my.sql 
/usr/bin/mysqladmin --password=$pw reload 

What commands could I use to complete similar needs for
a postgresql database to be created by an rpm?

Thank you for any help.

Best regards,
 Craig Jensen                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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