On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 1:56 AM, Peter Eisentraut
<peter.eisentr...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Here are a few assorted patches I made while working on the stdbool set,
> cleaning up various pieces of dead code and weird styles.
> - Drop excessive dereferencing of function pointers

-           (*next_ProcessUtility_hook) (pstmt, queryString,
+           next_ProcessUtility_hook(pstmt, queryString,
                                         context, params, queryEnv,
                                         dest, completionTag);
But this... Personally I like the current grammar which allows one to
make the difference between a function call with something declared
locally and something that may be going to a custom code path. So I
think that you had better not update the system hooks that external
modules can use via shared_preload_libraries.

> - Remove endof macro

Its last use is 1aa58d3a from 2009.

> - Remove unnecessary casts

Those are also quite old things:
src/include/access/attnum.h:    ((bool) ((attributeNumber) !=
src/include/access/attnum.h:    ((bool) ((attributeNumber) > 0))
src/backend/utils/hash/dynahash.c:      *foundPtr = (bool) (currBucket != NULL);
[... etc ...]

> - Remove unnecessary parentheses in return statements

So you would still keep parenthesis like here for simple expressions:
contrib/bloom/blutils.c:    return (x - 1);
No objections.

Here are some more:
contrib/intarray/_int_bool.c:       return (calcnot) ?
contrib/ltree/ltxtquery_op.c:       return (calcnot) ?

And there are many "(0)" "S_ANYTHING" in src/interfaces/ecpg/test/ and

src/port/ stuff is better left off, good you did not touch it.

> - Remove our own definition of NULL

Fine. c.h uses once NULL before enforcing its definition.

> - fuzzystrmatch: Remove dead code

Those are remnants of a323ede, which missed to removed everything.
Looks good to me.

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