* Noah Misch (n...@leadboat.com) wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 10:24:34PM +0200, Tobias Bussmann wrote:
> > I've tested the new \gx against 10beta and current git HEAD. Actually one 
> > of my favourite features of PostgreSQL 10! However in my environment it was 
> > behaving strangely. After some debugging I found that \gx does not work if 
> > you have \set FETCH_COUNT n before. Please find attached a patch that fixes 
> > this incl. new regression test.
> [Action required within three days.  This is a generic notification.]
> The above-described topic is currently a PostgreSQL 10 open item.  Stephen,
> since you committed the patch believed to have created it, you own this open
> item.  If some other commit is more relevant or if this does not belong as a
> v10 open item, please let us know.  Otherwise, please observe the policy on
> open item ownership[1] and send a status update within three calendar days of
> this message.  Include a date for your subsequent status update.  Testers may
> discover new open items at any time, and I want to plan to get them all fixed
> well in advance of shipping v10.  Consequently, I will appreciate your efforts
> toward speedy resolution.  Thanks.

Just to preempt the coming nagging email, yes, I'm aware I didn't get to
finish this today (though at least today, unlike yesterday, I looked at
it and started to play with it..  I blame the celestial bodies that
caused an impressive traffic jam on Monday night causing me to lose
basically all of Tuesday too..).

I'll provide an update tomorrow.



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