> Here's a not-really-tested draft patch for that.

I don't know the parallel code so I'm not going to comment on the overall
patch, but a thought on ExecSetTupleBound().

That function is getting a number of cases where we're doing recursion for
a single child (result, gather, gather-merge). Recursion for a single child
isn't particularly efficient. I know that if there's a single case of
recursion like this, compilers will frequently turn it into a loop, but I
don't know if compilers can optimize a branched case like this.

Would we be better off moving those cases into the while loop I added to
avoid the recursion? So we'd end up with something like:

while ()
    if subquery
    else if result
    else if gather
    else if gather merge

if sort
else if merge append

And a nit from my original fix now that I've looked at the pg10 code more.
The two casts I added (to SubqueryScanState and Node) should probably be
changed to castNode() calls.

- Doug

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