There are a couple of embarrassing regressions in this month's minor

* parallel pg_restore crashes with -L (cf commit b1c2d76a2); affects
  9.3 and up

* walsender with a connected client won't shut down (cf commit b51c8efc6);
  affects 9.4 only

Given that these bugs were discovered so quickly after release, they're
probably a significant problem for many users.  Accordingly, the PG
release team has decided that we ought to do a new set of back-branch
releases ASAP to fix them.  We plan to wrap these releases Monday (8/28)
for announcement Thursday (8/31).

There are some other known bugs that we probably won't have time to
get fixed before next week, but those are much older issues and
accordingly seem less pressing.

In other news, the release team has also set planned dates for
proceeding to 10.0 official release:

10beta4: wrap 8/28 announce 8/31 (with the back-branch updates)
10rc1:   wrap 9/11 announce 9/14
10.0:    wrap 9/25 announce 9/28

Those are subject to change if any really nasty bug emerges,
but right now we're feeling pretty good about the v10 branch.

                        regards, tom lane

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