Greg Stark <> writes:
> I think this is a particularly old piece of code and we're lucky the
> default heuristics have served well for all this time because I doubt
> many people fiddle with these storage attributes. The time may have
> come to come up with a better UI for the storage attributes because
> people are doing new things (like json) and wanting more control over
> this heuristic.

Yeah, I could get behind a basic rethinking of the tuptoaster control
knobs.  I'm just not in love with Simon's specific proposal, especially
not if we can't think of a better name for it than "MAINU".

> For what it's worth I think a good start would be to give people more
> visibility into what the tuptoaster heuristic is actually doing to
> their data and that will encourage people to give feedback about when
> they're surprised and are frustrated by the existing UI.

Hm, what might that look like exactly?  More pgstattuple functionality

                        regards, tom lane

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