On 05/25/2017 11:12 AM, Sokolov Yura wrote:
I agree that lonely semicolon looks bad.
Applied your suggestion for empty loop body (/* skip */).

Patch in first letter had while(true), but I removed it cause
I think it is uglier:
- `while(true)` was necessary for grouping read with `if`,
- but now there is single statement in a loop body and it is
   condition for loop exit, so it is clearly just a loop.

Optimization is valid cause compare_exchange always store old value
in `old` variable in a same atomic manner as atomic read.

I have tested this patch on a 2-socket machine, but don't see any performance change in the various runs. However, there is no regression either in all cases.

As such, I have marked the entry "Ready for Committer".

Remember to add a version postfix to your patches such that is easy to identify which is the latest version.

Best regards,

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