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> I just realized that these lines of contrib/bloom/t/001_wal.pl don't
> check that queries give same results on master and standby.  They just
> check that *return codes* of psql are equal.
> # Run test queries and compare their result
>> my $master_result = $node_master->psql("postgres", $queries);
>> my $standby_result = $node_standby->psql("postgres", $queries);
>> is($master_result, $standby_result, "$test_name: query result matches");
> Attached patch fixes this problem by using safe_psql() which returns psql
> output instead of return code.  For safety, this patch replaces psql() with
> safe_psql() in other places too.
> I think this should be backpatched to 9.6 as bugfix.

Also, it would be nice to call wal-check on bloom check (now wal-check
isn't called even on check-world).
See attached patch.  My changes to Makefile could be cumbersome.  Sorry for
that, I don't have much experience with them...

Alexander Korotkov
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The Russian Postgres Company

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