PSQL_HISTORY       alternative location for the command history file

I would prefer to revert to that more compact 9.6-formatting.

There was a problem with line width .. its hard to respect 80 chars


Scrolling in two dimensions because it does not fit either way is not too practical, so the idea was the it should at least fit a reasonable terminal in the horizontal dimension, the vertical one having been unfittable anyway for a long time.

Once you want to do strict 80 columns, a lot of/most descriptions do not fit and need to be split somehow on two lines, one way or another. It seemed that

      xxxx xxx xx xxx xxx xxxx

Is a good way to do that systematically and with giving more space and chance for a description to fit in its line. ISTM that it was already done like for environment variables, so it is also for homogeneity.

It also simplify work for translators that can just follow the same formatting and know what to do if a one line English explanation does
not fit once translated.

Finally, as vertical scrolling is mandatory, I would be fine with skipping lines with entries for readability, but it is just a matter of taste and I expect there should be half a dozen different opinions on the matter of formatting.


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