Hi Tomas,

> > Unless there are any objections to give this idea a try I'm willing to
> > write and host a corresponding script.
> > 
> That won't work until (2) is reliable enough. There are patches (for
> example my "multivariate MCV lists and histograms") which fails to apply
> only because the tool picks the wrong patch. Possibly because it does
> not recognize compressed patches, or something.

Agree. However we could simply add an "Enable autotests" checkbox to the
commitfest application. In fact we could even left the commitfest
application as is and provide corresponding checkboxes in the web
interface of the "autoreviewer" application. Naturally every
automatically generated code review will include a link that disables
autotests for this particular commitfest entry.

I hope this observation will change your mind :)

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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