On 9/8/17 21:31, Thomas Munro wrote:
> +if ($^O eq 'darwin')
> +{
> +       $slapd = '/usr/local/opt/openldap/libexec/slapd';
> +       $ldap_schema_dir = '/usr/local/etc/openldap/schema';
> +}
> I'm guessing this is the MacPorts location, and someone from that
> other tribe that uses Brew can eventually post a patch to make this
> look in more places.

Or the other way around :)

> +my $ldap_port = int(rand() * 16384) + 49152;
> Hmm.  I guess ldapi (Unix domain sockets) would be less roulette-like,
> but require client side support too.

Yeah, issue similar to the SSL tests.  The above formula is what
PostgresNode uses.

> Here's a change I needed to make to run this here.  It seems that to
> use "database mdb" I'd need to add a config line to tell it the path
> to load back_mdb.so from.  I could have done, but I noticed that if I
> tell it to use raw ldif files instead it's happy.  Does this still
> work for you on the systems you tested?

Yes, that seems like a better choice.

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