On 9/6/17 00:54, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> - I think the tests will fail if libz support is not built.  Again,
>> pg_basebackup doesn't have tests for that.  So maybe omit that and
>> address it later.
> Let's address it now. This can be countered by querying pg_config()
> before running the command of pg_receivexwal which uses --compress.

I have committed this patch, after a perltidy run, but the way the libz
detection was implemented was a bit too hackish for me, so I have
omitted that for now.  I think a more robust way would be to parse
Makefile.global, perhaps by a function in TestLib, so it can be reused
in other tests.  (Even more robust would be to write out an actual Perl
file with configuration information somewhere, but maybe we don't need
to go there yet.)  Or maybe have the respective make variables exported
when make check is called (could be included in the prove_check
variable?).  Anyway, some more pondering could lead to a more general

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