In 10beta4 and 11dev, If I run the below it enters an uninterruptible
state.  After the insert starts, I give 15 or seconds or so until the
memory usage starts to grow due to enqueued triggers checks. Then I can't
interrupt it with either ctrl-C in psql or kill -15 <pid> from another

I have to do kill -9 <pid>

create table foo  (x int);
create or replace function notice () returns trigger as $$ begin raise
notice 'asdfsdf'; return NEW; END;$$ language plpgsql;
create trigger foobar after insert on foo for each row execute procedure
insert into foo select * from generate_series(1,100000000);

Git bisect lays the blame here which certainly seems plausible:

commit d47cfef7116fb36349949f5c757aa2112c249804
Author: Andres Freund <>
Date:   Tue Jul 25 17:37:17 2017 -0700

    Move interrupt checking from ExecProcNode() to executor nodes.

#0  0x0000003e4e8db7d0 in __write_nocancel () at
#1  0x00000000004ef3e1 in XLogFileInit (logsegno=189,
use_existent=0x7ffe52b505df "\001", use_lock=1 '\001') at xlog.c:3222
#2  0x00000000004f15e8 in XLogWrite (WriteRqst=..., flexible=0 '\000') at
#3  0x00000000004f1d89 in AdvanceXLInsertBuffer (upto=3175088128,
opportunistic=<value optimized out>) at xlog.c:2114
#4  0x00000000004f1e99 in GetXLogBuffer (ptr=3175088128) at xlog.c:1879
#5  0x00000000004f79fe in CopyXLogRecordToWAL (rdata=0xc921f0,
fpw_lsn=<value optimized out>, flags=1 '\001') at xlog.c:1498
#6  XLogInsertRecord (rdata=0xc921f0, fpw_lsn=<value optimized out>,
flags=1 '\001') at xlog.c:1073
#7  0x00000000004fb40b in XLogInsert (rmid=10 '\n', info=0 '\000') at
#8  0x00000000004af8fd in heap_insert (relation=0x7f1456e7be58,
tup=0x7f14568e12d8, cid=<value optimized out>, options=<value optimized
    bistate=<value optimized out>) at heapam.c:2537
#9  0x000000000060db9f in ExecInsert (node=0x14f44b8) at
#10 ExecModifyTable (node=0x14f44b8) at nodeModifyTable.c:1741
#11 0x00000000005f4ef8 in ExecProcNode (node=0x14f44b8) at
#12 0x00000000005f1d76 in ExecutePlan (queryDesc=0x1442bb8,
direction=<value optimized out>, count=0, execute_once=-72 '\270') at
#13 standard_ExecutorRun (queryDesc=0x1442bb8, direction=<value optimized
out>, count=0, execute_once=-72 '\270') at execMain.c:362
#14 0x000000000071c95b in ProcessQuery (plan=<value optimized out>,
sourceText=0x149d018 "insert into foo select * from
    params=0x0, queryEnv=0x0, dest=<value optimized out>,
completionTag=0x7ffe52b50cc0 "") at pquery.c:161
#15 0x000000000071cb95 in PortalRunMulti (portal=0x14caea8, isTopLevel=1
'\001', setHoldSnapshot=0 '\000', dest=0x14f0ca8, altdest=0x14f0ca8,
    completionTag=0x7ffe52b50cc0 "") at pquery.c:1286
#16 0x000000000071d260 in PortalRun (portal=0x14caea8,
count=9223372036854775807, isTopLevel=1 '\001', run_once=1 '\001',
    altdest=0x14f0ca8, completionTag=0x7ffe52b50cc0 "") at pquery.c:799
#17 0x0000000000719987 in exec_simple_query (query_string=0x149d018 "insert
into foo select * from generate_series(1,100000000);") at postgres.c:1099
#18 0x000000000071a8c9 in PostgresMain (argc=<value optimized out>,
argv=<value optimized out>, dbname=0x14473c0 "jjanes", username=<value
optimized out>)
    at postgres.c:4090
#19 0x00000000006aff4a in BackendRun (argc=<value optimized out>,
argv=<value optimized out>) at postmaster.c:4357
#20 BackendStartup (argc=<value optimized out>, argv=<value optimized out>)
at postmaster.c:4029
#21 ServerLoop (argc=<value optimized out>, argv=<value optimized out>) at
#22 PostmasterMain (argc=<value optimized out>, argv=<value optimized out>)
at postmaster.c:1361
#23 0x0000000000631410 in main (argc=1, argv=0x141c2f0) at main.c:228



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