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> Hadi Moshayedi wrote:
> > To provide more context, in cstore_fdw creating the storage is easy, we
> > only need to hook into CREATE FOREIGN TABLE using event triggers.
> Removing
> > the storage is not that easy, for DROP FOREIGN TABLE we can use event
> > triggers.
> This all sounds a little more complicated than it should ... but since
> FDW are not really IMO the right interface to be implementing a
> different storage format, I'm not terribly on board with supporting this
> more completely.  So what you're doing now is probably acceptable.

FDW looks OK for prototyping pluggable storage, but it doesn't seem
suitable for permanent implementation.
BTW, Hadi, could you visit "Pluggable storage" thread and check how
suitable upcoming pluggable storage API is for cstore?

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