On 9/21/17 03:42, Michael Paquier wrote:
> -SPI.c: SPI.xs plperl_helpers.h
> +%.c: %.xs
>     @if [ x"$(perl_privlibexp)" = x"" ]; then echo "configure switch
> --with-perl was not specified."; exit 1; fi
> -   $(PERL) $(XSUBPPDIR)/ExtUtils/xsubpp -typemap
> $(perl_privlibexp)/ExtUtils/typemap $< >$@
> Doing coverage on plperl with this patch applied, those do not seem
> necessary. But I don't know enough this code to give a clear opinion.

That patch is necessary for doing make coverage in vpath builds.
Otherwise it makes no difference.

> Running coverage-html with all the patches, I am seeing the following
> warnings with a fresh build on my macos laptop 10.11:
> geninfo: WARNING: gcov did not create any files for
> /Users/mpaquier/git/postgres/src/backend/access/transam/rmgr.gcda!
> I don't think that this is normal.

Apparently, rmgr.c doesn't contain any instrumentable code.  I don't see
this warning, but it might depend on tool versions and compiler options.

Note that rmgr.c doesn't show up here either:

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