On 25/09/17 19:26, Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Hernandez <a...@ongres.com> writes:
>> In my opinion, logical decoding plugins that don't come with core 
>> are close to worthless (don't get me wrong):
>> - They very unlikely will be installed in managed environments (an area 
>> growing significantly).
>> - As anything that is not in core, raises concerns by users.
>> - Distribution and testing are non-trivial: many OS/archs combinations.
> The problem with this type of argument is that it leads directly to the
> conclusion that every feature users want must be in core.  We can't
> accept that conclusion, because we simply do not have the manpower or
> infrastructure to maintain a kitchen-sink, Oracle-sized code base.
> I think we're already more or less at the limit of the feature set we can
> deal with :-(.  The entire point of the output-plugin design was to allow
> useful replication stuff to be done outside of core; we need to make use
> of that.  (If that means we need better docs, then yeah, we'd better get
> that part done.)

There is already about 3 million output plugins out there so I think we
did reasonable job there. The fact that vast majority of that are
various json ones gives reasonable hint that we should have that one in
core though.

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