Hi there,

During crash recovery, last checkpoint record information is obtained from the 
backup label if present, instead of getting it from the control file. This 
behavior is causing PostgreSQL database cluster not to come up until the backup 
label file is deleted (as the error message says).

if (checkPoint.redo < checkPointLoc)
                             if (!ReadRecord(xlogreader, checkPoint.redo, LOG, 
                                                  (errmsg("could not find redo 
location referenced by checkpoint record"),
                                                  errhint("If you are not 
restoring from a backup, try removing the file \"%s/backup_label\".", 

If we are recovering from a dump file, reading from the backup label files 
makes sense as the control file could be archived after a few checkpoints. But 
this is not the case for crash recovery, and is always safe to read the 
checkpoint record information from the control file.
Is this behavior kept this way as there is no clear way to distinguish between 
the recovery from the dump and the regular crash recovery?


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