On 29/04/15 09:35, Bruce Momjian wrote:

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 01:05:03PM -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
This way, both pg_dump and pg_upgrade will issue warnings, though, of
course, those warnings can be ignored.  I am hopeful these two warnings
will be sufficient and we will not need make these errors, with the
possible inconvenience it will cause.  I am still afraid that someone
will ignore the new errors pg_dump would generate and lose data.  I just
don't remember enough cases where we threw new errors on _data_ restore.

Frankly, those using pg_upgrade already will have to move the old
tablespaces out of the old cluster if they ever want to delete those
clusters, so I am hopeful these additional warnings will help eliminate
this practice, which is already cumbersome and useless.  I am not
planning to revisit this for 9.6.

(resurrecting an old thread) I encountered this the other day, a customer had created tablespaces with directories inside $PGDATA/pg_tblspc. This is just pathalogical - e.g (v11 checkout with PGDATA=/data0/pgdata/11):

bench=# CREATE TABLESPACE space1 LOCATION '/data0/pgdata/11/pg_tblspc/space1';
WARNING:  tablespace location should not be inside the data directory
bench=# ALTER TABLE pgbench_accounts SET  TABLESPACE space1;

Ok, so I've been warned:

$ pg_basebackup -D .
WARNING:  could not read symbolic link "pg_tblspc/space1": Invalid argument
pg_basebackup: directory "/data0/pgdata/11/pg_tblspc/space1" exists but is not empty
pg_basebackup: removing contents of data directory "."

So pg_basebackup is completely broken by this construction - should we not prohibit the creation of tablespace directories under $PGDATA (or at least $PGDATA/pg_tblspc) at this point?



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