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On 09/15/2017 04:50 AM, Amit Langote wrote:
On 2017/09/15 11:16, Amit Langote wrote:
I will post rebased patches later today, although I think the overall
design of the patch on the planner side of things is not quite there yet.
Of course, your and others' feedback is greatly welcome.

Rebased patches attached.  Because Dilip complained earlier today about
clauses of the form (const op var) not causing partition-pruning, I've
added code to commute the clause where it is required.  Some other
previously mentioned limitations remain -- no handling of OR clauses, no
elimination of redundant clauses for given partitioning column, etc.

A note about 0001: this patch overlaps with
0003-Canonical-partition-scheme.patch from the partitionwise-join patch
series that Ashutosh Bapat posted yesterday [1].  Because I implemented
the planner-portion of this patch based on what 0001 builds, I'm posting
it here.  It might actually turn out that we will review and commit
0003-Canonical-partition-scheme.patch on that thread, but meanwhile apply
0001 if you want to play with the later patches.  I would certainly like
to review  0003-Canonical-partition-scheme.patch myself, but won't be able
to immediately (see below).

Could you share your thoughts on the usage of PartitionAppendInfo's min_datum_idx / max_datum_idx ? Especially in relation to hash partitions.

I'm looking at get_partitions_for_keys.

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