On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 9:24 PM, Peter Geoghegan <p...@bowt.ie> wrote:
> * Documents the aforementioned keyword collation attribute restriction
> on ICU versions before ICU 54. This was needed anyway. We only claim
> for Postgres collations what the ICU docs claim for ICU collators,
> even though there is reason to believe that some ICU versions before
> ICU 54 actually can do better.

Following some digging, it looks like the restriction actually only
needs to apply on versions prior to ICU 4.6. The internal function
_canonicalize() contains the functionality need for Postgres to avoid
converting to BCP 47 itself on the fly (this was previously believed
to be the case only in ICU 54):


(This is uloc.c on earlier ICU versions.)

(The call stack here is that from ucol_open(), ucol_open_internal() is
called, which calls uloc_getBaseName(), which calls _canonicalize().)

ICU gained that _hasBCP47Extension() branch in ICU 46. The
_canonicalize function has hardly changed since, despite the rewrite
from C to C++ (I checked up until ICU 55, the reasonably current
version I've done most testing on). This is totally consistent with
what both Peter and I have observed, even though the ucol_open() docs
suggest that that stuff only became available within ICU 54. I think
that ucol_open() was updated to mention BCP 47 at the same time as it
mentioned the lifting of the restrictions on extended keywords (when
you no longer had to use ucol_setAttribute()), confusing two basically
unrelated issues.

I suggest that as a compromise, my proposal can be changed in either
of the following ways:

* Do the same thing as I propose, except only introduce the mapping
from/to language tags when ICU version < 46 is in use. This would mean
that we'd be doing that far less in practice.


* Never do *any* mapping/language tag conversion when opening a
collator, but still consistently canonicalize as BCP 47 on all ICU
versions. This can be done by only supporting versions that have the
required _hasBCP47Extension() branch (ICU >= 46). We'd desupport the
old ICU 42 and ICU 44 versions.

Support for ICU 42 and ICU 44 came fairly late, in commit eccead9 on
August 5th. Both Tom and I expressed reservations about that at the
time. It doesn't seem too late to desupport those 2 versions, leaving
us with a fix that is even less invasive. We actually wouldn't
technically be changing anything about canonicalization at all, this
way. We'd be changing our understanding of when a restriction applies
(not < 54, < 46), at which point the "collcollate =
U_ICU_VERSION_MAJOR_NUM >= 54 ? langtag : name" thing that I take
particular issue with becomes "collcollate = U_ICU_VERSION_MAJOR_NUM
>= 46 ? langtag : name".

This is equivalent to "collcollate = langtag" (which is what it would
actually look like), since we're desupporting earlier versions.

Peter Geoghegan

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