Thank you for review on this subject.  I think it's extremely important for
PostgreSQL to eventually get pluggable storage API.
In general I agree with all your points.  But I'd like to make couple of

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 9:53 AM, Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de> wrote:

> - I don't think we should introduce this without a user besides
>   heapam. The likelihood that API will be usable by anything else
>   without a testcase seems fairly remote.  I think some src/test/modules
>   type implementation of a per-session, in-memory storage - relatively
>   easy to implement - or such is necessary.

+1 for having a user before committing API.  However, I'd like to note that
sample storage implementation should do something really different from out
current heap.  In particular, if per-session, in-memory storage would be
just another way to keep heap in local buffers, it wouldn't be OK for me;
because such kind of storage could be achieved way more easier without so
complex API.  But if per-session, in-memory storage would, for instance,
utilize different MVCC implementation, that would be very good sample of
storage API usage.

> - Minor: don't think the _function suffix for Storis necessary, just
>   makes things long, and every member has it. Besides that, it's also
>   easy to misunderstand - for a second I understood
>   scan_getnext_function to be about getting the next function...

_function suffix looks long for me too.  But we should look on this
question from uniformity point of view.
FdwRoutine, TsmRoutine, IndexAmRoutine use _function suffix.  This is why I
think we should use _function suffix for StorageAmRoutine unless we're
going to change that for other *Routines too.

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