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> On 2017/09/28 13:58, Dilip Kumar wrote:

>> I think the above logic is common between this patch and the runtime
>> pruning.  I think we can make
>> a reusable function.  Here we are preparing minkey and maxkey of Datum
>> because we can directly fetch rightop->constvalue whereas for runtime
>> pruning we are making minkeys and maxkeys of Expr because during
>> planning time we don't have the values for the Param.  I think we can
>> always make these minkey, maxkey array of Expr and later those can be
>> processed in whatever way we want it.  So this path will fetch the
>> constval out of Expr and runtime pruning will Eval that expression at
>> runtime.
> I think that makes sense.  In fact we could even move the minkey/maxkey
> collection code to match_clauses_to_partkey() itself.  No need for a
> different function and worrying about defining a separate interface for
> the same.  We match clauses exactly because we want to extract the
> constant or param values out of them.  No need to do the two activities
> independently and in different places.


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