On 10/1/17 14:26, Peter Geoghegan wrote:
> It does seem too late. It's disappointing that we did not do better
> here. This problem was entirely avoidable.

I understand where you are coming from.  My experience with developing
this feature has been that it is quite fragile in some ways.  We have
had this out there for testing for many months, and we have fixed many
bugs, and follow-up bugs, up to very recently.  We don't have good
automatic test coverage, so we need to rely on user testing.  Making
significant code and design changes a week or two before the final
release is just too late, even if the changes were undisputed.  And this
wasn't just one specific isolated change, it was a set of overlapping
changes that seemingly kept changing and expanding.  Analyzing and
reviewing that under pressure, and then effectively owning it going
forward, too, is not something I could commit to.

I'm satisfied that what we are shipping is "good enough".  It has been
in development for over a year, it has been reviewed and tested for
months, and a lot of credit for that goes to you.  The "old" locale
support took many years to take shape, and this one probably will, too,
but at some point I feel we have to let it be for a while and take a
breather and get some feedback and field experience.

I'm available to discuss the changes you are envisioning, preferably one
at a time, in the near future as part of the PG11 development process.

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