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> I have tested the following case:
> create type pair as (x int, y int);
> prepare test as select json_populate_record(null::pair, '{"x": 1, "y":
> 2}'::json);
> drop type pair cascade;
> execute test;
> -- The following output is obtained before patch
> ERROR:  cache lookup failed for type 16419
> -- After applying patch
> ERROR:  type "pair" does not exist
> But after recreating 'pair' type I'll get the following message:
> ERROR:  cached plan must not change result type
> I don't know whether it's right behavior. Anyhow your point is a good
> motivation to experiment and investigate different scenarios of work with
> cached plan that depends on non-stable type. Thanks for that.

I think ideally, cached plan should be automatically invalidated and stored
procedure should work without error.
Not really sure if it's feasible...

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