2017-10-03 6:09 GMT+09:00 Tatsuo Ishii <is...@sraoss.co.jp>:
>> On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Michael Paquier
>> <michael.paqu...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Looking at this list, the first name is followed by the family name,
>>> so there are inconsistencies with some Japanese names:
>>> - Fujii Masao should be Masao Fujii.
>>> - KaiGai Kohei should be Kohei Kaigai.
>> But his emails say Fujii Masao, not Masao Fujii.
> Michael is correct.
> Sometimes people choose family name first in the emails.  However I am
> sure "Fujii" is the family name and "Masao" is the firstname.
>> KaiGai's case is a bit trickier, as his email name has changed over time.
> Michael is correct about Kaigai too.
I set up my personal e-mail account using ${FAMILYNAME} ${FIRSTNAME}
manner according to the eastern convention.
However, my last company enforced a centralized e-mail account policy,
so ${FIRSTNAME} ${LASTNAME} was shown when I post a message
from the jp.nec.com domain.
It is the reason why my email name has changed.

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