This patch enables building pgbench to use ppoll() instead of select()
to allow for more than (FD_SETSIZE - 10) connections.  As implemented,
when using ppoll(), the only connection limitation is system resources.

One based on 'master' which can also apply to REL_10_STABLE.

 /home/fabien/pgbench-ppoll.patch:137: trailing whitespace.
 #define PFD_THREAD_INIT(t,s,n) { do ...
 error: patch failed: configure:13024
 error: configure: patch does not apply
 error: patch failed:
 error: patch does not apply
 error: patch failed: src/bin/pgbench/pgbench.c:4588
 error: src/bin/pgbench/pgbench.c: patch does not apply


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