Amit Langote wrote:
> Hi.
> Noticed that a alter table sub-command's name in Description (where it's
> OWNER) differs from that in synopsis (where it's OWNER TO).  Attached
> patch to make them match, if the difference is unintentional.

I agree -- pushed.

This paragraph

    The actions for identity columns (<literal>ADD
    GENERATED</literal>, <literal>SET</literal> etc., <literal>DROP
    IDENTITY</literal>), as well as the actions
    <literal>TRIGGER</literal>, <literal>CLUSTER</literal>, 
    and <literal>TABLESPACE</literal> never recurse to descendant tables;
    that is, they always act as though <literal>ONLY</literal> were specified.
    Adding a constraint recurses only for <literal>CHECK</literal> constraints
    that are not marked <literal>NO INHERIT</literal>.

is a bit annoying, though I think it'd be worse if we "fix" it to be
completely strict about the subcommands it refers to.

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