On 2017/10/24 0:22, Tom Lane wrote:
> Amit Langote <langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> writes:
>> On 2017/10/23 2:07, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> Hmm.  adjust_appendrel_attrs() thinks it's only used after conversion
>>> of sublinks to subplans, but this is a counterexample.  I wonder if
>>> that assumption was ever correct?  Or maybe we need to rethink what
>>> it does when recursing into RTE subqueries.
>> Looking at the backtrace, the crashing SubLink seems to have been
>> referenced from a PlaceHolderVar that is in turn referenced by
>> joinaliasvars of a JOIN rte in query->rtable.
> Right.  The core of the issue is that joinaliasvars lists don't get run
> through preprocess_expression, so (among other things) any SubLinks in
> them don't get expanded to subplans.

Ah, I missed that.

> Probably the reason we've not
> heard field complaints about this is that in a non-assert build there
> would be no observable bad effects --- the scan would simply ignore
> the subquery, and whether the joinaliasvars entry has been correctly
> mutated doesn't matter at all because it will never be used again.

I see.

>> I wonder if we shouldn't just ignore those (joinaliasvars in JOIN rtes)
>> while adjust_appendrel_attrs() is doing its job on a Query, just like we
>> ask to ignore subqueries by passing QTW_IGNORE_RC_SUBQUERIES to
>> query_tree_mutator()?
> I don't really like this fix, because ISTM it's fixing one symptom rather
> than the root of the problem.

That's true.

> The root is that joinaliasvars lists
> diverge from the representation of expressions elsewhere in the tree,
> and not only with respect to SubLinks --- another example is that function
> calls with named arguments won't have been rearranged into executable
> form.  That could easily be a dangerous thing, if we allow arbitrary
> expression processing to get done on them.  Moreover, your patch is
> letting the divergence get even bigger: now the joinaliasvars lists don't
> even have the right varnos, making them certainly unusable for anything.

Hmm, yes.  Although, I only proposed that patch because I had convinced
myself that joinaliasvars lists weren't looked at anymore.

> So what I'm thinking is that we would be well advised to actually remove
> the untransformed joinaliasvars from the tree as soon as we're done with
> preprocessing expressions.  We'd drop them at the end of planning anyway
> (cf. add_rte_to_flat_rtable) so this is just getting rid of them a bit
> sooner, and it won't affect anything after the planner.
> In short, I'm thinking something more like the attached.

Yeah, that makes more sense.


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