On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 11:05 PM, Kuntal Ghosh
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> +       <para>
> +        By default, <command>pg_receivewal</command> flushes a WAL segment's
> +        contents each time a feedback message is sent to the server depending
> +        on the interval of time defined by
> +        <literal>--status-interval</literal>.
> IMHO, it's okay to remove the part 'depending on
> the.....<literal>--status-interval</literal>'.

This sentence is actually wrong, a feedback message is never sent with
the feedback message. You need to use either --synchronous or --slot
for that, and the docs are already clear on the matter.

> +        This option causes
> +        <command>pg_receivewal</command> to not issue such flushes waiting,
> Did you mean 'to not issue such flush waitings'?

By reading again the patch, "waiting" should not be here. I have
reworded the documentation completely anyway. Hopefully it is more
simple now.

> + [ 'pg_receivewal', '-D', $stream_dir, '--synchronous', '--no-sync' ],
> + 'failure if --synchronous specified without --no-sync');
> s/without/with


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