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> Yeah, it would perhaps be good idea to ensure we don't break things that
> are documented to work.  If the tests don't take too long, I'm not
> opposed to testing every single option.  As you say, code coverage is
> important but it's not the only goal.
> I'm hesitant to hardcode things like the number of bits in bloom, as you
> had in the original.  If I understand correctly, that number could
> change with compile options (different blocksize?), so I removed that
> part.  I also fixed a few spelling errors.
> And pushed.  Let's see what the buildfarm says about this.
While merging this commit to my branch, I found two issues that as I think 
needs fixing. Hope this does not require creating new commit request...

First is missing tab.

Second i think it is better to write "The OIDS option is not stored as 
_reloption_" otherwise it cat be read as if it is not stored at all.

See patch in the attachment.

Thank you again for your work with the patch. I've seen how much you have 
change it.

PS do I get right that 80 character code width rule is applied to SQL tests 

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diff --git a/src/test/regress/sql/reloptions.sql b/src/test/regress/sql/reloptions.sql
index c9119fd..21a315b 100644
--- a/src/test/regress/sql/reloptions.sql
+++ b/src/test/regress/sql/reloptions.sql
@@ -47,12 +47,12 @@ SELECT reloptions FROM pg_class WHERE oid = 'reloptions_test'::regclass;
 ALTER TABLE reloptions_test RESET (autovacuum_enabled,
 SELECT reloptions FROM pg_class WHERE oid = 'reloptions_test'::regclass AND
-reloptions IS NULL;
+	reloptions IS NULL;
 -- RESET fails if a value is specified
 ALTER TABLE reloptions_test RESET (fillfactor=12);
--- The OIDS option is not stored
+-- The OIDS option is not stored as reloption
 DROP TABLE reloptions_test;
 CREATE TABLE reloptions_test(i INT) WITH (fillfactor=20, oids=true);
 SELECT reloptions, relhasoids FROM pg_class WHERE oid = 'reloptions_test'::regclass;
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