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> On 10/27/2017 10:51 PM, Erik Rijkers wrote:
>> git.postgresql.org is down/unreachable
>> ( git://git.postgresql.org/git/postgresql.git )
> Yes, I noticed this too, but https://git.postgresql.org/git/postgresql.git
> still works fine.
> I guess it makes sense to remove unencrypted access, but in that case
> https://git.postgresql.org/gitweb/?p=postgresql.git;a=summary should not
> advertise supporting the git protocol. I have not seen any announcement
> either, but that could just be me not paying enough attention.

We definitely still support the unencrypted git protocol. I do recommend
using https, but that doesn't mean git shouldn't work. There seems to have
been some network issues and the git daemon doesn't do a very good job of
handling hung sessions. I've cleaned up for now and it seems to be working
again, and we'll do some more digging into what actually was the root

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