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> It sounds reasonable. I can offer the following version.
> WAIT  LSN  lsn_number;
> WAIT  LSN  lsn_number  TIMEOUT delay;
> WAIT  LSN  lsn_number  INFINITE;
> WAIT  LSN  lsn_number  NOWAIT;
> WAIT  [token]  wait_value [option];
> token - [LSN, TIME | TIMESTAMP | CSN | XID]
> Ready to listen to your suggestions.

Making the interface more specific about the mechanism is not what I
had in mind, quite the opposite. I would like to see the interface
describe the desired effect of the wait.

Stepping back for a while, from what I understand the reason we want
to waiting is to prevent observation of database state going
backwards. To limit the amount of waiting needed we tell the database
what we have observed. For example "I just observed my transaction
commit", or "the last time I observed state was X", and then have the
database provide us with a snapshot that is causally dependent on
those states. This does not give us linearizability, for that we still
need at the very least serializable transactions on standby. But it
seems to provide a form of sequential consistency, which (if it can be
proved to hold) makes reasoning about concurrency a lot nicer.

For lack of a better proposal I would like something along the lines of:

WAIT FOR state_id[, state_id] [ OPTIONS (..)]

And to get the tokens maybe a function pg_last_commit_state().

Optionally, to provide read-to-read causality, pg_snapshot_state()
could return for example replay_lsn at the start of the current
transaction. This makes sure that things don't just appear and
disappear when load balancing across many standby servers.

WAIT FOR semantics is to ensure that next snapshot is causally
dependent (happens after) each of the specified observed states.

The state_id could simply be a LSN, or to allow for future expansion
something like 'lsn:0000/1234'. Example extension would be to allow
for waiting on xids. On master that would be just a ShareLock on the
transactionid. On standby it would wait for the commit or rollback
record for that transaction to be replayed.

Robert made a good point that people will still rely on the token
being an LSN, but perhaps they will be slightly less angry when we
explicitly tell them that this might change in the future.

Ants Aasma


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