Stephen Frost <> writes:
> * Neha Sharma ( wrote:
>> I have observed that even if the user does not have permission on a
>> table(created in by some other user),the function parameter still can have
>> a parameter of that table_column%type.

> This is because the creation of the table also creates a type of the
> same name and the type's permissions are independent of the table's.  I
> imagine that you could REVOKE USAGE ON TYPE from the type and deny
> access to that type if you wanted to.

Right.  (I checked, seems to work as expected.)

> I'm not sure that we should change the REVOKE on the table-level to also
> mean to REVOKE access to the type automatically (and what happens if you
> GRANT the access back for the table..?

It seems pretty silly for privileges on table rowtypes to behave
differently from those on other rowtypes.

                        regards, tom lane

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