> pg_hba.conf is "host based access [control]" . I'm not sure it's really the 
> right place.
I am open to have another configuration file, say routing_list.conf to define 
the routing rules, but felt it is easy to extend the hba conf file.

> But we now have a session-intent stuff though. So we could possibly do it at 
> session level.
Session intent can be used as an obvious hint for the routing to kick in. This 
can be a rule in the routing list to route the read intent sessions round robin 
across multiple secondary replicas.

> Backends used just for a redirect would be pretty expensive though.
It is somewhat expensive as the new process fork has to happen for each new 
connection. The advantage is that it makes proxies optional (if the middle tier 
can do connection management), and all the routing configurations can be within 
the server.
This also benefits latency sensitive applications not going through proxy.

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