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> This idea seems to makes intuitive sense.  I see that you use
> order_qual_clauses() to know what order they'll run in, so I'm
> wondering if there is any reason we shouldn't do it up front and keep
> it during path building, instead of running it again at plan creation
> time.  Is there some way it could ever produce a different result at
> the two times?

IIRC, only thing that changes between plan time quals and execution
time quals is constaint folding of constant parameters. But I don't
think we change the selectivity estimates when that's done. At the
same time, I don't think we should make a lot of effort to make sure
that the order used during the estimation is same as the order at the
execution; we are anyway estimating. There can always be some
difference between what's estimated and what actually happens.

> Why not also apply this logic to qpquals of joins,
> foreign scans, subplans?  That is, instead of replacing cost_qual_eval
> with this code for baserels, I wonder if we should teach
> cost_qual_eval how to do this so those other users could also benefit
> (having perhaps already ordered the qual clauses earlier).


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