* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> Stephen Frost <> writes:
> > Each list will receive an email with a link to the wiki about the
> > migration after the list has been migrated.
> I suggest doing that the other way 'round.  Otherwise, the email
> about the change will inevitably go into a lot of peoples' bit
> buckets if they haven't adjusted their mail filters yet.

My thought had been to do before-and-after, but I got complaints from
others that we'd then be spamming a lot of people with email.

We definitely need one after the migration because the new mail *won't*
end up caught in people's filters, and for those who intentionally
filter the list traffic into the garbage because they couldn't figure
out how to unsubscribe, this is going to be most annoying (this is what
we saw with the pgadmin lists and it was quite painful).



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