On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 10:05 AM, Luke Lonergan <l...@brightforge.com> wrote:
>   if test "$with_bonjour" = yes ; then
>     AC_CHECK_HEADER(dns_sd.h, [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([header file <dns_sd.h> is
> required for Bonjour])])
> +   AC_CHECK_LIB(dns_sd, DNSServiceRefSockFD, [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([library
> 'dns_sd' is required for Bonjour])])
>   fi

Hi Luke,

It lives in libSystem.dylib (implicitly linked) on macOS, so that
would break the build there.  We'd need something a bit more
conditional, but I don't know what.

Thomas Munro

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