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Hello Anthony,

Great job!

I decided to take a closer look on your patch. Here are some defects I 

> +   Additional extensions are available that implement transforms for
> +   the <type>jsonb</type> type for the language PL/Python.  The
> +   extensions for PL/Perl are called

1. The part regarding PL/Perl is obviously from another patch.

2. jsonb_plpython2u and jsonb_plpythonu are marked as relocatable, while 
jsonb_plpython3u is not. Is it a mistake? Anyway if an extension is relocatable
there should be a test that checks this.

3. Not all json types are test-covered. Tests for 'true' :: jsonb, '3.14' :: 
jsonb and 'null' :: jsonb are missing.

4. jsonb_plpython.c:133 - "Iterate trhrough Jsonb object." Typo, it should be 
"through" or probably even "over".

5. It looks like you've implemented transform in two directions Python <-> 
JSONB, however I see tests only for Python <- JSONB case.

6. Tests passed on Python 2.7.14 but failed on 3.6.2:

>  CREATE EXTENSION jsonb_plpython3u CASCADE;
> + ERROR:  could not access file "$libdir/jsonb_plpython3": No such file or
> directory

module_pathname in jsonb_plpython3u.control should be $libdir/jsonb_plpython3u,
not $libdir/jsonb_plpython3.

Tested on Arch Linux x64, GCC 7.2.0.

The new status of this patch is: Waiting on Author

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