a.akent...@postgrespro.ru writes:
> I've came across a weird bit in pg_upgrade/exec.c

> We have a function check_bin_dir() which goes like this (old_cluster and 
> new_cluster are global variables):
> void check_bin_dir(ClusterInfo *cluster)
> {
>      ...
>      get_bin_version(&old_cluster);
>      get_bin_version(&new_cluster);
>      ...
> }

> This function has two calls:
> check_bin_dir(&old_cluster);
> check_bin_dir(&new_cluster);

> I'd like to substitute these last two lines with this:
> get_bin_version(cluster);

Yeah, the way it is now seems outright broken.  It will try to do
get_bin_version on the new cluster before having done validate_exec
there, violating its own comment.

I think we should change this as a bug fix, independently of whatever
else you had in mind to do here.

                        regards, tom lane

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