Hi hackers,

The thread for the recent change to allow setting the WAL segment size at
initdb time [0] included a bit of discussion regarding pg_upgrade [1],
where it was suggested that relaxing an error check (presumably in
check_control_data()) might be enough to upgrade servers to a different WAL
segment size.

We've had success with our initial testing of upgrades to larger WAL
segment sizes, including post-upgrade pgbench runs.  Beyond adjusting
check_control_data(), it looks like the 'pg_resetwal -l' call in
copy_xact_xlog_xid() may need to be adjusted to ensure that the WAL
starting address is set to a valid value.

Allowing changes to the WAL segment size during pg_upgrade seems like a
nice way to avoid needing a dump and load, so I would like to propose
adding support for this.  I'd be happy to submit patches for this in the
next commitfest.



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