> > item #2: Is dllinit.c GPL code?
> > The file dllinit.c, located in the src/utils directory 
> documents the 
> > author as Mumit Khan.  Did Mumit Khan contribute this code 
> and did he 
> > contribute it for distribution under the PostgreSQL license?  If I 
> > read correctly, the name stamp in CVS does not indicate that Mumit 
> > Khan directly contributed this file.  I ask because this 
> question has 
> > surfaced as a forum item for a different project and Mumit Khan 
> > directly answered their forum posting 
> (http://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2002-11/0061.html).
> Per the comments in that thread, it would be pretty trivial 
> to either rewrite or remove this file.  I don't think there 
> is anything there that amounts to protectable content (and 
> Mumit evidently agrees, see link) but let's do something 
> about it anyway.  Can some of the Windows folk check whether 
> we can just remove it?

I don't think it's needed on Win32. It's not included in my VC++ build,
because I forgot it :-), and it works just fine.

The point is that as long as we don't do anything in it (which we
don't), the runtime supplied default should be just fine.

I can't speak for cygwin, just standard win32.


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