On 6/22/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Jonah, I've been working with this system for years, and it's not that
easy to "handle the differences with a few macros".

True, it is harder than just that.  I didn't mean to make light of it
at all, just that a good amount of design upfront would allow us to
support both.

Diogo, are you working from my old xlogdump hack?  If so what version?
I can send you the latest off-list.  I add stuff to it periodically when
I need it, and I don't think I've published it lately.

As it's a pretty cool and useful utility, could you publish it on-list
again some time soon?  It would be nice to pull some stuff from it for
the pg_resetxlog -f stuff... rather than having to start from scratch
copying & changing some code from xlog.c.

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