Tom Lane wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
It'd be interesting to compare 8.1 and HEAD for the no-overhead case;
I don't think you need to redo all four cases, but I'd like to see that one.

8.1:    50,50,49
HEAD:   49,48,49

OK, so that seems comparable to my results on a dual Xeon ... probably,
both your machine and my newer one have fast-to-read clock hardware.
We need to get some numbers from one of the people who have complained
about EXPLAIN ANALYZE overhead.

Data from two (identical) dual P-III, one running Linux and one running Freebsd - both doing the 100000 SELECT 1 test:

Freebsd 6.1:
- 8.1   21.5 (median times)
- HEAD  22.2

Linux 2.6.16
- 8.1   16.1
- HEAD  17.2

The variation in run times seems to be up to 0.5 seconds, so I'm not sure that I'm seeing a real difference between 8.1 and HEAD (though this test seems to run noticeably slower on Freebsd - recall from my previous posting featuring these boxes that EXPLAIN ANALYZE seems to have a *much* higher overhead on Freebsd).

(8.1 is 8.1.3 on the Freebsd box and 8.1.4 on the linux one. HEAD is from today).



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