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On Jun 22, 2006, at 9:56 PM, Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:

The example is a very active web site, the flow is this:
query for session information
process HTTP request
update session information
This happens for EVERY http request. Chances are that you won't have
concurrent requests for the same row, but you may have well over 100 HTTP
server processes/threads answering queries in your web server farm.

You're crazy :)  Use memcache, not the DB :)

Still, the database is the one central location that the apaches can connect too- postgres already has a lot of application platform features- locking synchronization, asynchronous notifications, arbitrary pl code.

Personally, I think that a special non-MVCC table type could be created- the catalogs are similarly flat. What I envision is a table type that can only be accessed "outside" transactions (like AutoCommit mode)- this is already possible to implement in plperl for a single session. It would be more efficient to have something like a global temp table hanging around...

Have you seen pgmemcache? It allows you to access a memcached
instance from within postgresql - which makes many of the problems
with using a separate caching / storage layer go away, or at least
get far easier to deal with.


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