There was a discussion some time back concerning the linking of the postgres backend. Some libraries where linked although they where not needed, mainly because it was convenient. I had a problem with PL/Java since a Sun JVM ships with their own version of (they call it Sun fixed the problem, simply by adding a namespace to all functions in their own library so I didn't stress the issue any further. Now this bites me again. Sun forgot to remove the old functions in their on the amd64 platform.

I have of course reported this to Sun and I expect it to be fixed in future releases of Java but shouldn't this be fixed for PostgreSQL too? Perhaps we should consider this a more generic problem. The more libraries that are linked with the backend, the greater the risk that add-on modules will run into conflicts. What effort would be involved to fix this once and for all?

Another related question. What happens when I use --without-zlib? Does it have any effect on besides disabling compression for the dump/restore utilities? Is there anyway to make it affect the backend only?

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